Website Compilation Data Entry

Website Compilation Data Entry refers to the compilation of data from internet sources and compiling it in format suitable for online storage and accessibility .It comprises a number of processes, such as data entry, data mining ,typing and web research.

What is Website Compilation?

Website Compilation are used to find relevant information online and arrange them in an orderly manner. The data and information are converted into a digital format and compiled for use on computers A database is created to store and access them from any location.

Essentials of Data Entry Services

Outsourcing data entry services is essential for your business if you do not want your own staff to get buried under a ton of data that needs organizing really quickly and accurately. Your staff has their own core competencies and special skills that they were hired for. I am sure data entry was not one of those skills. You want your specialized staff to perform the core objectives of your company that they were hired to and not spend their entire productive time managing scattered digital data that needs proper organization.

Why Outsource Data Entry Services

1) Decrease operational costs. One of the key reasons any company outsources certain tasks is to decrease their cost of operations. Data entry is no different. If you want to have an in-house team for this, you will have to spend time, money and effort in hiring, training, setting up infrastructure, purchasing certain technology licenses etc. Outsourcing data entry services to a reliable outsourcing company save you all that effort and money.

2) Excellent management of data. With the help of outsourcing, your data can be managed in a digital form. It will be properly indexed and arranged in proper categories. It will be stored on multiple platforms and in various formats. This will make this data easily available to whoever needs it and whenever they may need it.

3) Focus on core competencies. As I mentioned in the very beginning, major reason companies outsource non-essential tasks is so that their staff can focus on their core objectives. Running a non-essential process in-house can be expensive and can also distract your employees from their core objectives that need to be fulfilled on priority. Hence, outsourcing data entry services take this burden off the heads of your core staff and take care of all data entry requirements.

4) Latest Technologies. There are many data entry tasks that require certain paid software and tools to be used. If you decide to carry out these tasks in-house, you will need to spend money on purchasing these software licenses and also spending time on training your staff to use these tools. Outsourcing data entry removes this burden from your head as well. The outsourcing company you choose will have access to latest software and tools that are essential for types of data entry projects.

5) Better Talent Working for You. Outsourcing companies hire the very best people for the job as they want to provide the best level of service to their clients. Since the BPO sector is highly competitive, you can be sure that you have the best people working for you. That too, without having to go through the tiresome process of hiring and training employees. Partner with a reliable outsourcing company that will help you reduce your costs and offer the best quality data entry and data management services.

How to request this service?

  • 1. Call us at +1 (888) 219-8817 or email us and explain what service you need
  • 2. Send us the details for the task/service
  • 3. Explain additional instructions
  • 4. Wait for the quotation result.

What can OBI Services do?

  • We can provide the staff you need for this task and we ourselves will manage them. May it be from 1 staff or to a 100, we will deliver.
  • We have softwares and devices for each service, rest assured that we are capable of any service you request.

Why choose OBI Services LLC?

The first thing to consider in choosing data entry service providers is QUALITY. With a combined 20 years of experience in this field, we assure you that our team will only give nothing but the best in all our services.

We can provide the staff you need for this task and we ourselves will manage them. May it be from 1 staff or to a 100, we will surely deliver.

We have softwares and devices for each service, rest assured that we are capable of any service you request.

All you need to do is send us the details for the task you need to be worked on, explain additional instructions, and wait for results.


Data are carefully evaluated based on your requirements, and undergoes a control check before sending.


Final output is delivered within the specified timeline.


OBI Services LLC is flexible in what you need. You tell us your requested task and we will work on ways that can accommodate them. You can change tasks and services anytime and we ensure to cater them all.


Flexibility is also about volume. Do you only need 1 staff or 100? No worries, as OBI Services is the leading outsource provider, rest assured we can cater to all your needs.


You can be at ease with our 24/7 Customer Support.


Each task is being priced by the amount of time and difficulty it requires.

OBI Services LLC, your go-to Data Entry Outsource Provider

We offer affordable prices and also Performance-Based Pays while ensuring you get your money’s worth. With our guaranteed quality services, OBI Services LLC is your go-to Data Entry Outsource Provider.

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