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OBI Services - An Outsourcing Company in the Philippines

OBI is an Outsourcing Company in the Philippines . We provide all outsourcing services including Online Data Entry, Technical Support and Customer Service. Our company have invested in the best people and robust processes and technology to deliver the most accurate, reliable, and cost-effective data entry and processing solutions for any company.

Fast Turnaround Time

Get your projects done in an instant with an Outsourcing Company in the Philippines.

Amazing Support

We help thousands of customers and can provide 24/7 support for your business.


Data Entry Outsourcing in the Philippines that you can rely on. We guarantee that you can rely on us for any Outsourcing needs.


Our one goal is to help people, one caring interaction at a time. We believe everyone and every interaction matters. With an "others first" mentality, we serve with thought and heart, owning every moment, working to quickly, and effectively make things better.


The organization is grounded on providing exceptional support for growing clients' businesses. Great experiences don't happen by chance; They are the result of inspired thinking and design that transforms the mundane into something memorable.


OBI is the world leader in customer experience outsourcing. An Outsourcing Company in the Philippines which infuse innovation, insights, and operational excellence to make every experience great for your customers and your business. Our creativity and determination are firmly rooted for success yet flexible to overcome adversity.

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An Outsourcing Company

An Outsourcing Company in the Philippines

What Our Clients Are Saying?

Hi my name is Stefan from Winnipeg Manitoba earlier this year, was approach by the team at Orange Bamboo for a new lead generation opportunity at first I was a little bit reluctant to try a new service especially since they are not even based in Canada but I was eager to see what they could bring to the table. Right from day one I was completely impressed with their services, their professionalism, the way that they can communicate to inform me about the program right at the beginning.
The Best Call Center in the Philippines
Stefan R.
Owner - 360 Experts
Hello, I'm Jeff W on the Big Island of Hawaii, And I just want to say what a pleasure it's been to work with Orange Bamboo Inc. I wouldn't be doing very much work at all if it wasn't for Cliede they line up jobs for me that are actually sold and booked and I don't need to do anything other than making sure that I confirm the appointment with the customer, and then it all works out great, so I just want to say Aloha and thank you to the crew at Orange Bamboo.
The Best Call Center in the Philippines
Jeffrey W.
Owner - 360 True North
The team at OBI, an Outsourcing Company in the Philippines has become an integral part of our content operations. We had the pleasure of visiting their office last June 2018. They have a great culture and the agents are enthusiastic and extremely polite. We are pleased and satisfied with their performance. The CEO team is also responsive to our needs. They understand and deliver our requirements precisely and on time. Great service and amazing team!
Faraz D.
Content Operation Manager - HotelsCombine
Their support team is Superb! They show a lot of expertise in what they do. The culture of this company is excellent, and everyone I worked with was amazing. Both Charmaine and April are impressive, and they are just the perfect team member I needed. OBI selects the right people for the job. I started working with one data entry staff and added four more after a month. Their service is second to none. Keep up the great work team! Kudos to the team, and keep up the fantastic job!
Kyle C.
CEO - CKG Health

An Outsourcing Company

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